51 HIPPIKA Skin balm with biosulphur 300ml

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The balm has a good effect on the elasticity and endurance of the skin. Sulphur is antiseptic. The balm stimulates the reconstruction of healthy epidermis. When put on the skin, it has a protective action thanks to waterproof film it creates. Reduces the risk of leg and skin injuries. The balm has also a soothing effect and prevents the epidermis from cracking. The product can be used in cases of scabies and pastern dermatitis. Thanks to the presence of sulphur, the balm reduces itching and wearing out of the dock and the mane. Brings relief.
*Gruda u koni

*Gruda u koni

GRUDA Jest to dość uciążliwe schorzenie skóry koni, medycznie określane jako egzema pęciny.  Mimo, że gruda jest... More