PROBIOTICS Pro-Biotyk (em15) ® 1 l

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  • Manufacturer: Probiotics
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  • 35.00 zł
Complementary Feed 
Veterinary Identification No.: PL 3027065 p.


Price: 24 zł / 1 L

Pro-Biotyk (em15)®
 is a composition of beneficial microorganisms designed for animals and registered as Complementary Feed. Prepared on the basis of SCD ProBio Food®. 

Recommended as an additive to feed.

Pro-Biotyk (em15)® can be administered to animals together with water or feed:
  • helps maintain balance of the microflora in the digestive tract,
  • improves immunity and condition of livestock and domestic animals,
  • improves feed digestibility.
Purified and structured water, organic sugar cane molasses, sodium chloride, yeast, lactic acid bacteria.


działanie: support for hooves and fur, digestive system, resistance
kind: suplements