11B CAVALOR® Bronchix Pure 1,8 kg

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ual nutritional approach for horses with irritations of the bronchia and pulmonary problems

Indication for use
Irritation of the bronchia and pulmonary problems can be caused by different factors (dusty environment, a cold, bacterial and/or viral infection, asthma, etc.). These problems can seriously affect the condition and fitness of the horse, and therefore it is very important to address these symptoms quickly and effectively. A thorough treatment indicates two different approaches:
Step 1: Sooths and clears the respiratory tract

Step 2: Supports the respiratory tract and increases natural resistance.

Composition and safety of the product
Bronchix Pure Step 1 and Bronchix Pure Step 2 is a blend of dried and grinded herbs known for their specific properties that are needed for relieving the horse's airways (expectorating, soothing, immuno-stimulating, etc.).

Cavalor Bronchix Pure Step 1: 30g/ 1.06 oz per day, mixed with the daily feed rations from day 1 to day 20.
Cavalor Bronchix Pure Step 2: To be started on day 1, along with Bronchix Pure Step 1, and continued to day 40. (30g/1.06 oz per day)
1 measuring scoop = 10 g/ 0.35 oz