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działanie: vitamins, supplements, electrolytes


Equinox Sport is a product dedicated for equestrian horses. It is a special combination of biologically active substances from the unique Yarrowia lipolytica yeast and the addition of antioxidants. During increased workload, it improves performance and stamina and promotes fast regeneration of muscle fibers.

  • improves performance and stamina and supports regeneration after exercise

    high biological value of yeast protein along with a full set of essential amino acids, vitamin E, selenium and vitamin C are responsible for increased stamina and performance of horses under high workloads and supporting the muscle recovery phase after exercise. They also play a significant role in the process of muscle tissue development in weaker horses or in young horses. Additional elements supporting the above-mentioned processes are bioactive substances, especially citrulline malate, which facilitates the production of nitric oxide during exercises, which expands the small blood vessels in the muscle tissue. It allows to increase the oxygen, creatine and nutrients supply to muscle cells, significantly reducing muscle pain, improving aerobic capacity and muscle strength, as well as removing lactic acid and ammonia.

  • improves digestion

    thanks to the prebiotic properties of yeast stimulating growth of the gastrointestinal microflora, disturbances of digestive processes are reduced. Thus, the risk of collars, diarrhea and other consequences caused by improper nutrition, diet change or stress are limited

  • strengthens the coat and hoof horn

    the influence of yeast on improvement of the quality of the hoof horn and coat is clearly visible in the reinforced hoof structure and limiting the cracking of its walls and maintaining a nice, smooth and shiny coat