YARROWIA EQUINOX Respiratory 1,5l

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działanie: respiratory system

YARROWIA EQUINOX Respiratory 1,5l

Equinox Respiratory is a product based on exceptional essential unsaturated fatty acid ethyl esters with increased content of α-linolenic acid (ALA), created for horses suffering from respiratory diseases. Effectively supports the symptomatic treatment of cough and respiratory allergies.

  • Improves respiratory functions

    essential unsaturated fatty acids ethyl esters with an increased content of linseed oil rich with alpha-linolenic acid, which reduces the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines in respiratory diseases, support functioning of the respiratory tract.

  • Efficiently supports symptomatic treatment of cough and respiratory allergies (RAO, IAD)

    a special composition of essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid ethyl esters, reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, and effectively support the symptomatic treatment of cough and respiratory allergies (RAO, IAD).

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties

    the product is highly bioavailable and easily absorbable by the body; vitamin E contained within esters helps to protect cells against oxidative stress, limiting the unfavorable action of free radicals, further supported by alpha-linolenic acid, which has antioxidant properties



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