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działanie: support for hooves and fur


Equinox Hooves is a product dedicated mainly to horses with hoof problems. Thanks to its unique composition, it ensures an even and rapid growth of the hoof horn, counteracts ringworm and arrow infections, and prevents cracks in the hoof.

  • strengthens and nourishes the hoof

    Yarrowia lipolytica yeast strain contains biologically active substances, unsaturated fatty acids and variety of essential trace elements, vitamins and amino acids, which support the process of creating a healthy hoof horn, improve the elasticity and flexibility and strengthen the hoof. Especially B group vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and organic selenium complexes along with sulfur-containing amino acids play a significant role in the creatine formation process, affect the hardness and elasticity of the horn and nourish the entire hoof

  • supports hoof even growth and prevents hoof horn fractures

    the highly digestible minerals contained within Yarrowia lipolytica yeast together with biotin play a significant role in improvement in the quality of the horn, especially when it is fragile, brittle and causes deformation of the entire hoof. In addition, they improve even growth of a healthy hoof horn and prevent cracks in the hoof walls

  • increases the resistance of the froge to infections

    Yarrowia lipolytica yeast culture has been enriched with organic zinc and copper, which, contained within the yeast cell wall, are easily absorbed and incorporated by the horse's body, thanks to which their valuable properties can be fully used to strengthen the resistance of hoof cells. The addition of Echinacea and vitamin C from raspberry and parsley leaves, will additionally increase immunity and inhibit or completely eliminate inflammation and froge rot

  • acts as antifungal agent

    the presence of beta-glucan within Yarrowia lipolytica yeast cell walls stimulates the immune system to fight fungal infections. However, the addition of one of the most powerful natural substances with antifungal activity - caprylic and capric acids, strengthen the effectiveness of the supplement and helps fighting against bacterial infections

  • improves nutrient transport in hooves tissue

    in order to ensure proper blood supply and to improve the circulation and absorption of nutrients within the hoof tissue, buckwheat leaves have been added, which stimulates blood circulation in the capillary vessels of the hoof

  • integrates the structure of the hoof sole

    the addition of magnesium helps the proper formation of the hoof structure and ensures its integrity. It is mainly responsible for the unification of the sole structure, which in horses without shoe, or with sensitive, abrasive and painful sole, with symptoms of movement disorders, in particular on hard and uneven ground, reduces such symptoms and increases the resistance of the hoof cap to external factors and high workloads.

50-60 g of the product per approx. 500 kg horse body weight per day.

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