YARROWIA EQUINOX Equinox Regeneration 3 kg

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działanie: vitamins, supplements, electrolytes

YARROWIA EQUINOX Equinox Regeneration 3 kg

  • reduces the recovery period after treatments, colic and diseases that exclude horses from use

    thanks to the full absorption of all minerals and the presence of protein with high biological value, this preparation plays an important role in the regeneration of muscle tissue. The addition of vitamin C and herbs such as coriander, hawthorn and sage improves the functioning of the digestive system, improves digestion and accelerates the recovery of the body, strengthening its immunity as well.

  • supports recovery processes and quick return to the training form

    quickly and effectively compensates for food shortages due to the high assimilation of ingredients contained within the preparation and the presence of essential amino acids, supporting horse muscles in dealing with training workloads and playing an important role in their recovery and regeneration. The use of this product also effectively supports a quick return of the animal’s proper condition.

  • improves condition and muscularity

    thanks to the content of phytobiotics, beta-glucans, bioactive substances, selenium and vitamin C, it strengthens the body under high workloads, supports regeneration and development of healthy muscle tissue, while improving body’s condition. The addition of magnesium organic form also supports development of muscle mass and the proper functioning of the entire muscle apparatus.

  • provides vitality and liveliness

    the addition of vitamin C and phytobotics strengthens the body's immunity, stimulates tissue regeneration, shows an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and strengthening effect.