TORPOL Saddle Pad EVO MG Magnetic VS / 374-101-EVO

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type: all purpose FULL
kind: dressage
Magnetic saddle pad, accelerates tissue regeneration, use affects the body, breathable, absorbent, cotton, durable.

TORPOL Saddle Pad EVO MG Magnetic VS / 374-101-EVO

Recommended for horses in training. Magnetic Field Therapy™ technology applied in the saddle pad has a great positive impact on the flexibility of the horse’s back.

  • The magnetic field dilates blood vessels, which speeds up the removal of toxins and recovery after exercise
  • it also naturally balances out energy deficits, which allows for a faster start of the recovery process
  • made of durable, quilted denim resistant to abrasion
  • the dorsal part reinforced with a double layer of quilted denim
  • the inner Evolon® layer ensures great moisture absorption, breathing and drying properties
  • also, its structure prevents hair from penetrating the fabric, which makes the saddle pad easy to maintain.