Sheepskin dressage saddle pad MATTES, Velvet, Strass Edition, Spring 2022 / 0K0507

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Velvet dressage saddle cloth with fur on the dorsal part, inset with crystals.

Sheepskin dressage saddle pad MATTES, Velvet
Collection Strass Edition Spring 2022 / 0K0507


Dressage saddle pad from our Blue Collection in proven Mattes quality:

  • dimensionally stable and robust quilted fabric, a rhinestone border framed by two cords
  • lambskin in the saddle seat area - comfort for your horse
  • sheepskin ensures good pressure distribution, reduces friction and balances temperature
  • easy care in the washing machine.

Collection MATTES Spring 2022

type: dressage FULL
kind: pełny