PRO-LINEN Black cumin oil cake 2kg

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Black cumin also known as Nigella Egypt has a long history dating back 2000 years. It involves both the use of this plant as a medicine and spices in the Orient. Pro-Linen Egyptian Black cumin is generated during
least the first virgin oil that is cold pressed. The product, in addition to protein, fiber, and a wealth of valuable nutrients are fractions of oil and more than 100 active ingredients.

- Strengthens the immune system
- Has anti-allergic effect
- Is a natural painkiller
- Inhibits autoimmune immune reactions
- Helps the digestive processes of the gastrointestinal tract
- Has a protective effect on the liver and stomach
- Exhibits antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral

- Protein: 31.1%
- Crude fat: 20.4%
- Fiber: 7.1%
- Ash: 5.9%

Large horses - 100 grams per day

działanie: digestive system, liver support, resistance