HorseLine Vitamin C 1000g

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The left-handed vitamin C is strong antioxidant. It positively affects the maintenance of the physiological balance of the connective, cartilaginous and bone tissues as well as the formation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

The 600g package is enough for 30 days.
The 1000g package is enough for 50 days.


Increased demand for vitamin C occurs in stressful situations (transport, competition), increased intensity of training, convalescence (after injuries, illnesses), weakness and allergies. Especially in the period of lack of access to the pasture, the possibility of obtaining an adequate amount of vitamin C from the fodder is significantly reduced.

Tip: it is recommended to especially enrich the diet with vitamin C those horses that do not have access to the pasture and are subject to intensive training. It is also recommended to administer vitamin C as a supplement to collagen or MSM treatment in order to increase synthesis and digestibility.

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