HorseLine Algea 1500g

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HorseLine Algea 1500g

A natural iodine source

Powdered Norwegian alga has got powerful nutritional values. It is the richest source of organic vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Diet enriched in iodine is  particularly important for horses living in areas where it’s observed moderate or low iodine deficiency, mainly in southern and central Poland. Powdered Norwegian alga is also rich in amino acids, which support the musculature development and the improvement of hoof horn growth rate.

The 1500g package is enough for 50 days.


– lack of appetite
– lethargy
– hair loss / small amount of hair
– preventing premature or late birth in pregnant mares
– prevention of disorders in the development of the nervous system and skeleton in fetuses
– regeneration after training
– increasing vitality and endurance



działanie: support for hooves and fur, digestive system, reproductive system, vitamins, supplements, electrolytes