Outdoor merino wool socks COMODO MERINO / SJPW

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All-year, thermo-active knee-high socks made of the highest quality wool from Australian sheep - MERINOS.

Riding knee socks COMODO Merino, with merino wool / SJPW


All-year-round riding socks, providing perfect thermal insulation, protecting the feet from cold, but also from overheating:

  • the foot from the bottom has an additional terry layer
  • a stabilizing welt around the foot
  • an additional ribbing above the ankle that keeps the sock in the correct position
  • reinforcement in the heel area
  • elastic drawstring at the top of the sock prevents slipping
  • Merino wool's antibacterial properties prevent infection
  • wool guarantees perfect thermal insulation.

Merino wool, a special variety of Australian sheep, has remarkable properties and is mainly used in the production of sportswear.