Oil for damaged hooves TOPVET 250ml / 60203

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Moisturizing hoof oil made from natural ingredients.

Oil for damaged hooves TOPVET 250ml / 60203


Care oil for regeneration and strengthening of damaged hooves in a horse, made of natural ingredients:

  • the original recipe regenerates, nourishes and cares for the horny tissue of the hoof
  • a mixture of unique oils with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids naturally nourishes and regenerates, and a mixture of waxes protects the hoof
  • a mixture of essential oils has a strong antiseptic and soothing effect
  • after regular use, the flexibility and health of the hoof improves significantly
  • the convenient dispenser included in the package facilitates application.




  • clean the hoof thoroughly
  • apply the appropriate amount of the preparation and spread it over the entire hoof capsule and frog
  • use 1-2 times a day until improvement.