MSM Joints, articular cartilage, ligaments TOPVET 800g / 60423

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MSM Joints, articular cartilage, ligaments TOPVET 800g / 60423


MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane is a natural, best absorbable organic sulfur compound:

  • biologically active sulfur is necessary for the proper function of the organism
  • in poor eating habits and increased stress level happens, that sulfur levels in the body decrease
  • it is mainly used as joint nutrition. MSM is involved in the synthesis of collagen, which is the matrix of connective tissue
  • it supports joint and ligament health, skin and coat quality
  • the positive aspekt of MSM is its ability to exert anti-inflammatory effects and it helps the body in detoxification process
  • long-term use of MSM accelerates healing, reduces pain and improves the immune system.

Daily dose per 100 kg body weight - 5 g



  • MSM Methylsulfonylmetham - white crystallic odourless powder
*Dla konia na stawy

*Dla konia na stawy

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