Milton White Shampoo LEOVET for Grays 500ml

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A whitening shampoo for gray horses (or other light-colored horses) and horses with gray varieties.

Milton White Shampoo LEOVET for Grays 500ml


Leovet Milton Weiss Shampoo - shampoo for gray horses:

  • gently cleans and cares for the horse's coat, mane and tail
  • discoloration disappears during washing, brightening and illuminating the fair hair and hair
  • the complex of natural proteins from the African Moringa tree contained in the shampoo protects against dirt accumulation and the appearance of discoloration for up to 2 days
  • the included care oils maintain optimal hydration of the skin and hair
  • regular use makes the coat white, healthy and shiny


Directions for use:

  • wet the horse's hair evenly, its mane and tail
  • spread the shampoo evenly over the entire surface
  • rub the shampoo vigorously while massaging it into the wet hair, mane and tail
  • then rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry.

To make it easier to distribute the shampoo evenly, you can dilute it with warm water before applying.
To remove visible discoloration, apply the shampoo directly to the stain, without diluting.