HorseLinePRO Brewer's Yeast+ 1000g

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działanie: digestive system, resistance, vitamins, supplements, electrolytes

Digestive problems support, decreased immunity, lack of appetite.

HorseLinePRO Brewer's Yeast+ 1000g


Digestive problems support.
Decreased immunity.
Lack of appetite.

Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae are a natural probiotic:

  • improve the functioning of the digestive system
  • are a rich source of protein and natural vitamins from the group B
  • guaranteed level of beta - glucan (25%) additionally supports natural immunity.

Dedicated to:

  • recreational horses
  • sport horses
  • older horses
  • young horses (also foals and weeds)
  • breeding mares (both in foal and lactating)
  • breeding stallions
  • horses with problems with the digestive system - peptic ulcer disease, recurrent colic, diarrhea
  • allergic horses (especially exposed to contact with mycotoxins).

Benefits of regular use of beta-glucan enriched yeast in horses' diets:

  • support for the digestive system
  • improving the appetite
  • better use of feed and nutrients
  • bacteriostatic effect
  • stimulate the removal of toxic compounds from the body
  • improving the condition of the hair, skin and hoof