FLEX-ON Stirrups SAFE-ON - inclined ULTRA grip - red

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FLEX-ON Stirrups SAFE-ON - inclined ULTRA grip - red.


FLEX-ON® offers you much more than a just range of stirrups – it provides unequalled performance and comfort whatever your discipline and whatever your goals.

Flex-On Idea:

  • High Quality stirrups made in France
  • Designed specially for horse-riding sports (show jumping, dressage, cross country, hunting, polo and similars)

 Safe-On Idea:

  • Developed in 2018 stirrup can afford to safely free rider's foot while falling down of a horse.
  • One arm of stirrup on the outside side is designed to release in cause of rider's fall. When poignancy works on stirrup arm too much, it's open up. This arm can be screwed bak together by using a supllied allen key.
  • Safe-On stirrups were tested in special condition by proffesional stuntman.

Innovative product Flex-On have many advantages:

  • Shock-Absorbing system – ergonomic footbed gives you maximum stability and for shock absorption footbed is mounted on two elastomer springs. It is such a relief for rider's joints like hips, knees and ankles.
  • Extra grip, comfortable and inclined footbed made from high quality rubber with steel spikes for maximum stability while riding.
  • Stirrup's structure made from ecologic, polyamide material outside, reinforced inside
  • Easy to clean – just wash with the water

If you have any questions about the stirrups please contact with us.