ZANDONA Therapeutic Boots - front / E2710T

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ZANDONA Therapeutic Boots - front / E2710T


The rest boots "THERAPEUTIC SUPPORT BOOT" are equipped with 16 magnetic devices that improve cellular function, providing a natural therapeutic support from the hoof to the entire shin.

The permanent magnets used are composed of a highly magnetic alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with Nickel coating, capable of exerting a magnetic flux density of 2600 Gauss each.

The specific arrangement of magnets, their flux density, intensity and polarization, have been studied with the help of veterinarians and professional riders to maximize the localized increase in vascular blood-flow and lymphatic circulation, with multiple beneficial effects:

  • Analgesic effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Increase of micro-circulation in cartilages
  • Acceleration of lactic-acid absorption process
  • Acceleration of toxins elimination process
  • Acceleration of osteogenesis process
  • Acceleration of cellular processes.


Unlike anti-inflammatory pharmaceutics, which create vasoconstrictor action (thus slowing the vascular blood-circulation and lymphatic circulation, resulting in a slowdown of cellular processes), magnetic therapy acts on pain and swelling while avoiding the side effects of the pharmaceutics, while instead enhancing regenerative processes.

They are 2 products in 1, because also developed to provide support to the suspensory ligaments and to contain the tendon apparatus, for use during transportation of the horse and to decrease the typical post-work swelling. They are made 100% in Italy, equipped by interchangeable inner band with COOLMAX® (special fiber that carries moisture towards the outer surface of the fabric, keeping skin dry). On the outer surface, closed to the pastoral-fetlock, an extra protection to reduce wear due to friction is provided. Elastic straps with Velcro closure are calibrated to optimize tendons support, ensuring comfort and grip.

- Muscles, tendons, cartilages injuries;
- Ligaments inflammations;
- Bones fractures;
- Osteoporosis.

- Accustom the horse with gradual usage sessions, as it may initially feel a sense of tickling due to the increased blood-flow localized. For the first few uses, it is therefore recommended to monitor or tie the horse to prevent him from injuring the magnetic devices.
- Can be used on horses of all ages and gender, permanently when at rest.
- Wear only at rest, when the horse is cold, to avoid possible nuisance that might irritate its behavior.


  1. Do not use in the presence of visible bruising, bleeding, injury or not treated infections because the magnetic effect could contribute to expand the area affected by these diseases.
  2. Do not use in combination with anti-inflammatory pharmaceutics or ointments active in the areas affected by the magnetic treatment.