Carbon Air Heel ZANDONA / E2113

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Carbon Air Heel ZANDONA / E2113


The "CARBON AIR HEEL" Over Reach Boots, developed to protect the horse in every kind of discipline, are 100% Made in Italy and designed to defend the carotid body of the horse from possible shocks and/or chafing.

  • Carbon Air Heel is highly protective and remains stable to the pastoral adapting, with its flexibility, to the hip joints and the various forms of heels.
  • A soft ring in artificial fur has been added to the upper edge to optimize the comfort.
  • The Gel-Tech technology has features of shock absorption and offers a comfortable padding and these over reach boots are breathable thanks to the perforated Neoprene ventilated by 6 vents.
  • Carbon Fibre elements are present under the shell, to thermally insulate the joints by the heat generated from friction, and to increase the mechanical resistance to impacts. The elastic straps with quick-release-tip have been calibrated for a secure closing.
  • The size and absolutely ergonomic shape have been developed following perfectly the limb structure, ensuring a perfect positioning and avoiding any kind of stress.


Average weight of the single heel protection: 225gr

  • Size S/M coronary band girth  35-40cm
  • Size L/XL coronary band girth 41-46cm