Carbon Air BALANCE Tendon ZANDONA / E2110B

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kind: jumping

Carbon Air BALANCE Tendon ZANDONA / E2110B


The “CARBON AIR BALANCE Tendon” have been studied to defend jumping horses from collisions and bruises atforelimb’s fetlock and part of the cannon, while offering tendon support.

  • They are composed by external TPU structure with differentiatedthickness, transpiring thanks to the perforated Neoprene and ventilated by 6 Air-Vents located over the fetlock.
  • Gel-Tech is includedbetween the external TPU structure and the Neoprene support, where necessary, working as shock absorber and comfortable padding.
  • Carbon Fibre elements are present under the shell to thermally insulate the joints from the heat generated by external friction, while ncreasing the mechanical resistance to impacts.
  • On the internal side, closed to the long-pastern, have been created a Flex-Zone, necessaryto allow maximum freedom of movement to the limb.
  • The elastic straps with quick-release-tip have been calibrated for a secure closing, they are in-fact provided of double locking system (horizontal/vertical).
  • Its dimension and absolute ergonomic shape have beendeveloped copying accurately the limb structure, guaranteeing a perfect positioning while avoiding any kind of stress.
  • They are also equipped with a magnetic device that improve cellular function, increasing horses performance and dynamic balance.
  • The permanent magnet used is composed of a highly magnetic alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with Nickel coating, capable ofexerting a magnetic flux density of 2600 Gauss.
  • It was found in various tests with the help of veterinarians and professional riders, that the use of this device placed near the muscletendonapparatus greatly decrease the limbs fatigue as induce an increase in vascular blood-flow and lymphatic-circulation, with multiplebeneficial effects.
  • The recorded data confirm an average increase of 4.7% in muscle power.Other benefits induced by increased vascular blood-flow and by the magnetic polarization, not quantifiable but ascertainable on horsesas humans, are anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, as well as acceleration of the process of absorption of muscleslactic-acid.

    The results on arena confirm:
    • Average increase of 2.6 cm in maximum jump height;
    • Strengthening of joint movements resulting in horse improved dynamic-balance;
    • Average decrease of 6.7% in contacts with the obstacles.

100% made in Italy

total height of
cannon girth
S 20,5cm 18cm-21cm
M 22,5cm 21cm-24cm
L 23,5cm 24cm-27cm