Donat - a treat for the horse KOŃSKA CUKIERENKA / 5cm

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Natural apple-flavored treats for horses in the shape of small donuts, hand-decorated.
Donat - a treat for the horse KOŃSKA CUKIERENKA / 5cm


Apple-flavoured cookie, the outside decorated with a delicious, thin layer of royal icing:

  • delicious and crispy
  • is a great idea for an unusual gift and a delicious snack for your beloved pet
    natural ingredients, apple flavor and a bit of sweetness - no horse can resist it
  • they are baked and decorated by hand, using a homemade method, with the greatest care for the quality of the products.

Cookies are decorated by hand and each is different, the patterns are not repeated and are sent randomly.

Due to the large size of the treat, it is not intended for consumption by foals and small ponies


Diameter about 5 cm
Weight about 36 g, including about 10 g of sugar decorations

The weight and size of the cookies may vary slightly, depending on the drying process of the product.



  • 50% fresh apples
  • bran
  • oat flakes
  • Linseed
  • soybean oil
  • corn flour.

Decorations: sugar, egg white, food dyes

The chemical composition of the dough:
protein 10.2%
ash 1.6%
fat 12%
fiber 2%
humidity 6.2%