DOLFOS Horsemix® Stallion 500g

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działanie: reproductive system

Complementary feed for stallions
DOLFOS Horsemix® Stallion 500g



Horsemix® Stallion is a preparation intended for stud dogs and stallions used for sports:

  • vitamins and minerals selected in optimal levels and proportions, allow you to cover the high demand during high efforts
  • they increase performance and allow you to keep a performance horse in optimal condition
  • in breeders, they affect the proper functioning of the testes, high semen quality, support preparation for reproduction.



Before administration, mix with the morning dose of concentrate feed.


  • 20g/day/horse (4 scoops)
  • 20-30g/day/horse (4-6 scoops) - when the stallion is simultaneously intensively used in sport and breeding
  • 30-40g/day/horse (6-8 scoops) - when the preparation is the only supplementary supplement to the dose consisting of hay and oats

Recommended time of use: during periods of reproductive activity.
Before using the mixture or before extending the period of use, consult a nutritionist or veterinarian.