DOLFOS Horsemix® Mare/ 500g

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działanie: reproductive system

Complementary, dietary feed for mares in heat and in foal.
DOLFOS Horsemix® Mare/ 500g

Horsemix® Mare Tabs is a set of vitamins and minerals in tablets, specially balanced for mares in heat and in foal:

  • supports the preparation for oestrus and reproduction of breeding maressupplements the mare's body with vitamins, amino acids and minerals
  • indicated for use in periods of particularly high demand, when deficiencies are most common and have an adverse effect on fetal development, milk yield and subsequent foaling
  • it also supplies the foal with vitamin reserves, especially vitamin A.


The preparation should be mixed with the morning dose of concentrate feed.


  • 20g/day/mare (4 scoops)
  • 30-40g/day/mare (6-8 measures) - when the preparation is the only supplementary supplement to the dose consisting only of hay and oats, and the mare is not currently using the pasture


Recommended use time:

From the last period of pregnancy until the next pregnancy is confirmed.
Before using the mixture or before extending the period of use, consult a nutritionist or veterinarian.