CAVALOR ICE CLAY® Cools down stressed tendons 4 kg

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Cools down stressed tendons.

Indication for use:
CAVALOR Ice Clay is a poultice enriched with natural products and minerals. Cavalor Ice Clay slowly cools down stressed tendons.

Fast cooling: Apply Cavalor Ice clay in a thick layer on the leg or tendon(s) concerned. Let Cavalor Ice Clay dry completely. The Cavalor Ice Clay can be removed by a hard brush. The legs should be sprinkled with cold water until Cavalor Iceclay has dissapeared.
Slow cooling: Apply Cavalor Ice Clay on the tendon and put a wet paper around the layer of Cavalor Ice Clay. Wind bandages around the paper. A slow cooling will produce a warming effect; the so called 'warm and wet compress' effect.
Not to be used on infected or open wounds.