Reins damper USG Light Hand

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Reins damper USG Light Hand


A good method of introducing this device to horses is using side reins:

  • with the currently used techniques of working on side reins, there is no announce of final barrier
  • if horse tries to free itself from the inconvenience of the side reins, the animal immediately bounces off the bit
  • lunging on side reins teaches the horse to recognize the signals that precede the event
  • the inclusion of the spring consistently announces the action of the bit
  • the innovative action of the Sawka Light Hand® makes the lighter contact with the bit announce a stronger one
  • the piston inside the device extends in the range of 0-3 cm.



Working from the saddle:

  • there is a problem when switching from working on side reins to working in the saddle - the human hand is not as consistent as the buckle and constantly introduces disturbances
  • therefore, this transition always eliminates the positive effect previously achieved on the side reins.