CAVALOR Electroliq Balance - 5000ml / 82698305

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działanie: vitamins, supplements, electrolytes

CAVALOR Electroliq Balance - 5000ml / 82698305


Indication for use:
Electrolytes (potassium, chloride, sodium), combined with adequate fluid absorption, are elements, which ensure the optimal function of the fluid exchange of the cells. When the horse is sweating heavily, i.e. during heavy labour, stress or with high temperatures, a lot of electrolytes are lost. This causes the fluid exchange in the muscle cells to work slower, retarding muscle contraction. This may lead to weakness and muscle cramps. After heavy exertion accompanied by severe sweating, it is crucial to restore the electrolyte balance to normal as soon as possible.
This way, you can ensure that the horse recovers soon after exertion. To obtain optimal recovery of the body after heavy strain, it is advisable to feed the electrolytes with 1 kg easily digestible grains within an hour after completion of the performance. The horse must always have fresh water available.

The advantage of Cavalor Electroliq Balance is the delicious taste, which ensures that the electrolytes are easily accepted by the horse. The liquid form is a practical alternative to other supplements, which are mostly in powder form. The liquid form allows for equal distribution of the product across the feed, ensuring nothing is lost or remains behind on the bottom of the manger.

Use Cavalor Electroliq Balance especially during hot days, after heavy training or during extended transportation. For horses that drink less after a move to a different stable or location due to a different taste in the water, the addition of Electroliq Balance to their drinking water may offer a solution. It is however advisable to first check at home whether the horse will drink enough with the addition of Electroliq Balance. During competitions you may use Cavalor Energy Booster (paste in tubes), containing electrolytes as well as additional B-vitamins and amino acids.
Composition and safety of the product
Cavalor Electroliq Balance contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B15, citric acid and dextrose. An apple flavor which horses find delicious is also added to stimulate appetite.

Cavalor Electroliq Balance is mixed with the drinking water or mixed with the feed: 30-50 ml per day. Max. 100 ml per day

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