Shoe cleaner RAPIDE 300 ml / 1055138

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Shoe cleaner RAPIDE 300 ml / 1055138


Shoe Clean is a universal water-based thorough cleaning agent for cleaning all types of shoes. Smooth leather, buckskin, suede and textile sections can be cleaned. It is especially important for shoes with a breathable membrane that the shoes are clean, so that the ventilation capacity remains unimpaired.


Instructions for use: First moisten the shoes under a tap. Then remove the initial soiling with a cloth or a brush. Subsequently apply the Shoe Clean liberally to the still damp shoes. Allow it to be absorbed properly and then rinse under the tap. Dry the shoes at room temperature or then re-impregnate them with impregnation spray.


Shoe Clean does not contain any propellants, silicones or fluorocarbons.
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Store frost-free.
The surface-active substances in this preparation comply with the criteria for biodegradability.