1055121 RAPIDE Waterproof Spray On 300ml

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Tex-waterproof spray-on is a water-based impregnation agent that is sprayed on. It restores the water and soiling repellent properties of the exterior surfaces of textiles for outdoor (sports) high-tech clothing, without compromising the breathing capacity (hard shell, soft shell). It can also be used for tents, parasols, bicycle saddlebags, rucksacks, etc. To ensure good adherence, the clothing must first be washed and other items must be properly cleaned.


Instructions for use:  First wash your coat with Rapide Techwash. Rinse thoroughly to ensure all traces of the washing agent are purged. The items can be sprayed while wet or dry. After spraying,, distribute the liquid immediately with a cloth or sponge so no milky residue is visible. (this can give white spots on your cloths).


Dry the garment in the drier at a low temperature cycle or hang to dry. Attention: always follow the garment manufacturer’s washing instructions!


This product does not contain any propellants, silicones or fluorocarbons. The surface-active agents in this preparation comply with the criteria for biodegradability. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Store frost-free.

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