1055114 RAPIDE Waterproof Wash In 300ml

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Tex-waterproof Wash-in is a water-based impregnation agent that is washed in. During the wash, it restores the water and soiling repellent properties of outdoor (sports) high-tech clothing like; fleece, Goretex, soft and hardhells, without compromising the breathing capacity.

Machine wash First wash the coat with Techwash at 30° of 40°. Rinse thoroughly to ensure all traces of the washing agent are purged. Remove any traces of detergent from the powder drawer. Shake the bottle well and select a main wash program max. 40° and add 100ml Tex-waterproof for 1 garment in the reservoir. Spin at low speed if permitted.

Dry the garment in the drier at a low temperature or hang to dry. This activates the water repellency.
Attention: always follow the garment manufacturer’s washing instructions!

Hand wash Add 100ml to the washing basin for 1 garment. Push the garment regularly under surface.
After half an hour, rinse the clothing thoroughly in cold water until the water is clear.
For drying instructions, see “Machine wash”

Tip: tie the sleeves or legs together to avoid turning inside out. Close zips and velcro fastenings.

The surface-active agents in this preparation comply with the criteria for biodegradability.
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Store frost-free.

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