1055091 RAPIDE Down Wash 300ml

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Down-wash cleans materials such as clothing and sleeping bags, keeps the down fresh and soft, prevents the development of lumps and re-applies a layer of wax.
The down material preserves its airiness and provides ventilation.

Instructions for use: Shake the bottle well, thoroughly remove detergents from the soap container of the washing machine.
Put 50 ml. capfuls of down-wash (for 1 garment) and 125 ml. for 1 sleeping-bag of down in the soap container and select a 30° C washing programme for fine fabrics; always consult first the washing instructions on the textile label.
Use 50 ml to about25 litres of water for hand-wash.
It may be useful to attach one sleeve or leg to the other to stop clothes turning inside out during the treatment; close zippers and Velcro.
Rinse thoroughly to fully remove detergents.
Spin-dry the material until drip dry, or if using a tumble dryer, use the lowest temperature setting and add an old tennis shoe or tennis balls to equally divide the down.
Lay the articles out on a clothes-horse and shake them up regularly for a good division of the fibre.