1055084 RAPIDE TECH-WASH 300 ml

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Mild detergent for maintaining the specific qualities of breathable waterproof clothing goretex,hardshell, softshell.

Instructions for use: Shake well before use. Clean soap residues from receptor. Put the garment into the machine and 40ml Tech-wash into the soap receptor. Take the 40° C or 30° C main-wash program. (first check the washing instructions on the label). Rinse well to remove all detergent residue. Pre-treat bad stains with undiluted Tech-wash. Useable for hand wash as well (20ml on 10 litres of water). Dip evenly and rinse well. Preferabel to use a wash-dryer on low temperatures (first check the washing instructions on the label) or to dry on the clothes-line. Do not wring . Dip-dry only. Tip: tie the sleeves or legs together to avoid turning inside out. Close zips and Velcro fastenings. The surface-active agents in this preparation comply with the criteria for biodegradability. (detergents regulation ECno 648/2004) Contains no alkali or bleach.