04 PRO-LINEN Grass Pellet 20kg

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Green, juicy grass is a dream of every horse. It is the most natural fodder for them, able to cover their most basic feeding needs. Unfortunately, our climate makes it impossible to have an all year round access to that valuable feed. In order to meet your horse’s needs, we have found an ideal solution to this problem. We have introduced Pro-Linen Grass Pellet into our offer. They consist of various grass species from the first swaths in June. This is why when you open a sack of Pro-Linen Grass Pellet, you may feel the smell of freshly cut grass.
Since we care for your horse, we have chosen a special kind of crops that prevent grass blades from fermentation later on. Thanks to that the profitable nutritive values are preserved.
Since the hot air drying technique is used, the product is mould and fungus free, which are often present in low quality straw and silage mixtures. The lack of pollution and dust may be profitable especially in the case of horses with allergies and animals with sensitive GI tracks. Pro-Linen Grass Pellet is a perfect source of fiber, which you may feed to your horse in a connection with nutritive feeds or as their substitute.
Pro-Linen Grass Pellet may be an alternative in feeding elderly horses that have teeth problems. After being soaked, it becomes easy to chew and is eagerly consumed by the animals.
In order to meet the expectations of the most demanding horses, we have introduced two versions of Grass Pellet into our offer: Plus and Light.
As a mix with a nutritive feed: 1 to 2 kg a day.
As a substitute to hay: up to 1.5 kg for each 100 kg body mass.
Pro-Linen Grass Pellet may be used as a body building feed that influences the mass gain in the young and sport horses in training. High quality protein from roughage may provide a fast lean muscle gain without the hyperactivity effect. Pro-Linen Grass Pellet is ideal for feeding elder horses that need proteins of good quality.