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Only high-quality forage can save your horse from digestive disorders in the future.
Horses in their natural environment are constantly moving, spending most of the day grazing and eating herbs. Domestication of our
hoofed friends made their diet unbalanced. It introduced necessity of forage feeding, which is not always beneficial for their delicate
digestive system.
Owners very often believe that oat is the main forage in equine nutrition. Nothing could be further than the truth. The high-quality
forages must be the basis of feeding horses. Most appropriate thing for horses would be to provide them with an access to green
pastures, which in our climate isn’t possible for all the seasons. It is hay that horses are generally fed with as a forage. But its quality
isn’t often acceptable, or some of the stable or pension owners in order to cut their costs feed the horses with its limited quantity.
Using unmolassed beet pulp could be an alternative for concentrates, and could supply those nutrients which are lacking in
a forage diet.
Pro-Linen Beet Quick – quick unmolassed beet pulp can be a perfect supplementation of the everyday menu of your horse. It contains
high quality fibres, necessary to keep the digestive system functioning properly. It is not only the source of fibre but also of calcium,
so that it is also suitable for lactating mares, and foals.
Pro-Linen Beet Quick is an improved version of traditional unmolassed beet pulp. We have applied new technology, and thanks to that
we were able to significantly shorten the time of beet pulp preparation – now it’s ready only in 15 minutes.
Feeding instructions and daily intake recommendation
Foals and ponies:
100 g per 100 kg live body weight (dry weight before soaking)
Mature horses:
500-600 kg live body weight
Recreational horses:
1-2 kg (dry weight before soaking)
Sport horses:
1-3 kg (dry weight before soaking)
Beet Quick needs to be soaked in hot water before feeding.
After 15 minutes, you add cold water in order to cool it down and mix it properly.
Prepare in the proportions: 5 parts of water to 1 part of forage.
Beet Quick is ready to use just after 15 minutes.
Check if all the forage has been soaked and it is properly soft and properly cooled.
Beet Quick

intensively working that require slow-released energy and an increase in body weight
with allergies, having problems with respiratory system
in poor condition that need to gain weight
without an access to pastures, as an alternative to forage
older horses, having teeth problems
with digestive system disorders and tendency to laminitis, as a good substitute for oats
Pro-Linen unmolassed beet pulp is recommended for horses:

provide high-quality fibres and proteins for your horse
reduce the risk of laminitis
provide the source of slow-released energy
save time, thanks to the quick preparation method
By choosing Pro-Linen Beet Quick – quick unmolassed beet pulp, you:
Protein 13% Fiber 32%
Fat 2% Ash 10%
Nutrition Facts:
Digestive energy 10 (MJ/kg)
* Feeding the elderly horses with dental problems becomes much easier thanks to Pro-Linen Beet Mix. When it is ready, the mix has
a form of pulp, and is easy to intake by the “senior”.