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A horse that is in a good shape, with a correct posture and shining hair, always ready to obey, excess energy free is an ideal any breeder or rider dreams about.

All the above features are significantly influenced by appropriate horse feeding that relates to a well diverse diet. Often, it is difficult to achieve in standard in-stable feeding systems.

The ideal solution that enriches the menu of your horse in valuable micro- and macroelements may be to use a fully natural Pro-Linen Rice Boost concentrate which in a contrary to many products on the market is any chemical ingredients free, and the technological process of the production guarantees high its biological value.

Pro-Linen Rice Boost is a feeding supplement that is based on rice bran thatcan be successfully administered to sport horses, as well as in breeding ones, and those with underweight issues. The regular use of this concentrate may influence a correct body posture, height,functions of the muscular system, and the improvement of fertility in horses.

The main ingredient of Pro-Linen Rice Boost is rice bran that comes from the outer layers of wholemeal rice grain which are removed during the grain processing process. These are the layers where wheat germ is; it consists of valuable nutritive ingredients and microelements that stabilize metabolism, improving the condition of the entire organism.
Rice bran is rich in the E, B1, and B3 vitamins, as well as in Gamma-Oryzanol, which is advantageous for muscle gain and the metabolism increase in muscle fiber.

Vitamin E is vital for the correct functioning of the immune system, it profitably influences the muscle gain, also has an influence on fertility improvement in breeding horses.
B-group vitamins are essential for correct metabolism and the creation of cell structures responsible for the functions of the nervous and muscle systems.

Pro-Linen Rice Boost is a source of rice bran oil which consists in 80% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, natural antioxidants.

Pro-Linen Rice Boost – Rice Bran used in horse feeds may increase the concentration of energy in a feed dose, decreasing at the same time the need for a larger amount of the cereal feeds with starch. This way you will limit the risk of an occurrence of some dangerous diseases,