About Company

The history of AMIGO The company AMIGO was established in 1987r. The shop in Krakow was the first equestrian shop in Poland. Two years later the riding club AMIGO was set up. Today AMIGO does not only mean shops, manufacture of equestrian equipment but people for whom horses mean life passion. Our company mainly operates business activity. SHOPS Silesia Equestrian shop and wharehouse AMIGO 42-506 Będzin-Grodziec, ul. W. Kilara 48 (Rozkowka park) tel/fax (0-32) 760-20-20 B 649-16-79-954 Krakow Equestrian shop AMIGO 31-752 Krakow, ul. Łowińskiego 7e tel/fax (0-12) 421-77-91 NIP 676-005-59-61 MANUFACTURE We began to manufacture equestrian equipment in hard times when purchasing any tack was very difficult. Today the range of products manufactured by our company is very wide and it is still increasing. We work on new designs, test them and then put into production. STABLE It is in the middle of the company premises and it is the place where we test our new products before they are manufactured as well as all new items that are sold in our shops. We do not sell anything that has not been tested before. The tack is always thoroughly tested by our riders who compete mainly in show jumping and prepare young horses for the competitions. By running the riding club we may fulfill our biggest passion - work with children and young horses.