Syrup Cough and cold for horsesTOPVET 1l

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The following plants are historically known and traceable in the literature for their support in treating cough and colds. This herbal complex is rich in vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances that are used to facilitate expectoration and dampen a severe suffocating cough:

  • Ribwort plantain - supports treatment of bronchopneumonal inflammations, alleviates acute and chronic infections 
  • Hibiscus - helps protect against oxidative stress, supports normal functioning of the immune and respiratory system, facilitates expectoration.
  • Hyssop - maintains proper functioning of the upper airways, helps improve bronchial secretion and protects the airway mucosa
  •  Scots pine - the substances obtained from pine buds (oil, terebenthene) help maintain the upper respiratory tract in optimal condition, promote the release of mucus, facilitate expectoration and protect the airway mucosa

Instructions for use: 

  • Administer 10 ml of the product 2-3 times daily to foals and 20 ml of the product 2-3 times daily to adult horses.
  • The liquid formula can be easily administered in a diet.


  • Follow the instructions for use. For animal treatment only.


  • Inverted fructose syrup
  • Hyssop aqueous extract
  • Ribwort plantain aqueous extract
  • Hibiscus aqueous extract
  • Scots pine aqueous extract
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium sorbate.

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