Stirrups FREEJUMP Soft Up Pro PLUS PREMIUM EDITION - silver / F01562

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The next generation of Freejump stirrups - the Soft'Up Pro Plus Stirrups - have a larger tread with longer non-slip studs.

Stirrups FREEJUMP Soft Up Pro PLUS PREMIUM EDITION - silver 

  • Designed to place your feet in the optimum position with excellent grip and shock absorption, they are also quick-release to avoid getting your foot trapped in a fall. Plus, they're available in a range of stunning colours to match the rest of your outfit
  • The original design has been further researched and developed to have an enlarged non-slip tread with rounded corners for improved rider comfort
  • The tread is 1.6cm (27%) bigger to allow greater contact with the rider's foot in combination with increased shock absorption capabilities. It also has longer studs on the tread for improved grip
  • The flexible outside branch of these coloured stirrups is made from Elastollen and helps to ensure that the rider's foot is released in the event of a fall
  • The tempered spring steel single-branch offers extra high mechanical resistance (1200MPa)
  • The branch is located at the front of the tread to provide a natural slope, and the rectilinear bevelled rear leading edge offers enhanced lateral stability.