ROECKL 3603-001 Gloves JAVA

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At first glance the JAVA scores with its sporty and at the same time top fashionable striped look – but it is also perfect when it comes to functionality and well-thought out performance. The glove is made from soft, highly elastic, brushed material which is napped on the inside. This is why it feels so soft and snug against your hand. It keeps your fingers warm and provides a high level of wear comfort. In addition, humidity is quickly absorbed and transported outward. A large siliconized layer on the palm ensures a reliable grip, making the JAVA even more versatile, for example for using poles. Another asset is that the JAVA offers great value for money! Conclusion: This glove is a great all-rounder and a real eye-catcher for both sports activities and everyday use. Reflective design elements highlight its sporty look. Machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).