RAPIDE Unicorn horse treats garlic, Lucky Horse / 9110006

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A delicious treat for horses and ponies. The treats are an additional animal feed, enriched with magnesium and the attractive ingredient garlic.


In horses, garlic is often used for optimal immune status, healthy skin and respiratory tract, and a good blood circulation. Magnesium is an important mineral for the nervous system, and it contributes to a proper muscle functioning.


Pamper your favourite horse or pony with this delicious treat!



Ingredients: Dextrose, maize, wheat, barley, linseed, grass meal, garlic, magnesium oxide.


Analytical components:

Crude protein: 1,8%

Crude fat: 0,8%

Crude ash: 1,3%

Crude fiber: 0,7%

Sodium: <0,1%

Magnesium: 0,6%