Energiser POMELAC Pastuch AS-1100 / 101-010-015

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The energizer (shepherd) is used to generate short electrical pulses in animal fences with the purpose of controlling grazing animals as well as deterring unwanted animals.

Energiser POMELAC Pastuch AS-1100 / 101-010-015


Mains energiser for the construction of electric fences spread over vast areas, expanded into quarters and additional conductive lines

  • powered from 230V / 50Hz mains or 12V battery
  • ideal for animals that are easy to supervise, sensitive to electric impulse: horses, dairy cattle, poultry, pigs etc.
  • input energy: 1100 mJ
  • maximum output energy: 500 mJ
  • maximum output voltage: 10,000 V
  • lamp signaling correct operation of the energizer
  • TURBO / ECO function


TURBO mode delivers maximum energy.

  • The output energy in TURBO mode - 500 mJ
  • ECO mode reduces the energy consumption of the battery.
  • The output energy in the ECO mode - 370 mJ



  • energizer PASTUCH AS-1100,
  • crocodile clips for the battery,
  • 230V / 50Hz mains adapter,
  • warning sign,
  • instruction.