E1207 ZANDONA Shield EVO x7 Equitation 168cm do 177cm

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“Shield Evo Equitation” back protectors have been studied to protect the spinal column from collisions while offering agood lumbar support.

Protective Concept
the impact energy is primarily dissipated by the Plastic Plate so that the most of the Shock Absorber area is immediatelyinvolved in the absorbing phase (in this way the thickness of the protector is optimized).
The residual force exiting the ShockAbsorber is then even more damped by the Support Layer (that also serves as highly breathable material at first contactwith the body).

Back Protector Plates
Their main purpose is protecting against drilling and intrusion. The plates are realized in TPP, splinter-proof in case of impact.The quantity of plates (length of the back protector) have to be chosen according to the user height.

Back Protector Structure
The plates are joined to a drop a wire system which guarantees the impact distribution throughout the whole protection surface.
The structure underneath the plates (ESACOMP) is a system of Hexagonal cells which guarantees high shock absorptionlevel.
The coupled material of P.E. + tissue, which is support of the protective system, is Soft, Transpiring and Anti-bacterial.
The waist closing have a double elastic regulation system, excellent against back-aches and comfortable.
The back protector follows and satisfies the natural movement of the spinal column offering an excellent protection.

Technical Specifications
• Contact layer made by S.R.T. (Sweat Removing Textile – very transpiring 3D textile which transfers sweat to the outside);
• Perforated plastic plates to increase ventilation;
• ESACOMP (Esagonal Compound) inside;
• CE approved EN1621-2, Lev.1;
• Engineering and manufacturing: MADE IN ITALY.

XS waist  70cm to 77cm  
  S waist  78cm to 85cm  
 M waist  86cm to 93cm  
  L waist  94cm to 101cm
XL waist 102cm to 114cm