RAPIDE Rappo Lyte 3kg / 1044002

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RAPIDE Rappo Lyte 3kg / 1044002

  • Rappo Lyte is a water-soluble mix containing all the required electrolytes.
  • Rappolyt supplies the horse rapidly with salts and sugars, so that the horse can regenerate quickly after exertion during a horse show, transport, training or warm weather.
  • Exertion makes the horse sweat out a great deal of body salts.
  • By giving Rappolyt with drinking water as soon as possible after exertion, your horse will recover rapidly and be capable of performing well the next time.
  • The added extra Vitamin C helps control stress and enhance resistance.


  • Ponies and young animals:  10-25 grams/day
  • Horses weighing 500 kg and more: 25-50 grams/day

Give with drinking water immediately after exertion; maximum 10 grams per litre.
Rappolyt can also be given with feed.

Store cool and dry and keep away from children.
Make sure the pail is well closed.

Guaranteed analysis:

  • Crude ash  38,00 %
  • Calcium    3,40 %

Vitamins and trace elements per kg:

  • Sugar         690 gr
  • Phosphorus         4 gr
  • Magnesium         2 gr
  • Potassium         9 gr
  • Sodium        49 gr
  • Chlore        45 gr
  • Vitamine C  5.000 mg

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