Sticky Trap horsefly trap glue, responsible and effective insect glue for biting and irritating insects!


Winner Horse product of the year and innovation awards 2018 !

Unanimous number one in jury and audience in the 'In and Around Stable' is the Sticky Trap was Horsefly Glue! . With Sticky Trap horseglue the cheapest and effective horsefly-trap can be built: let a black bucket with glue dangling on a cord (in the sun) near the plague at about 80 cm from the ground. The adhesive power has any effect on small insects and glue knock other insects such as butterflies and bees off. For others (human and animal) Sticky Trap responsible and non-toxic. The speciale Horseflytrap glue is special designed to resist sun, high tempartures and weather conditions like rain!

Sticky Trap: The one and only! With Sticky Trap horsefly trap glue you can make the cheapest and most effective horsefly-trap there is. The eco friendly flytraps can be build with a black bucket and a piece of rope. The sticky-trap horsefly glue is made from natural minerals, environmentally friendly, non toxic, safe to use and poses no threat to other animals. Bees, butterflies and other important species who pollinate flowers search for nectar and sweetness and thanks to a special formula they won’t get attracted to Sticky Trap.

You can use your black buckets again and again, year after year! Improved formula: Better adhesion, longer operation (up to 20 weeks), more efficient! 1 trap = 4000 m2 / 4 horses


Sticky Trap horsefly trap glue
  • The worlds leading number 1 flytrap glue  
  • The only glue when making horsefly traps & insects traps
  • Made to the highest quality 100% Economic made from natural ingredients , free from pesticides
  • Up to 30 horsefly traps can be made with a 1,5L bucket of Sticky Trap.
  • Buckets are easily cleaned with a spatula; can be used year after year.
  • Rain and heat resistant up 70 degrees
  • Safe for humans and animals
  • Insects that pollinates such as bees, butterflies and other important species will not be attracted to Sticky Trap.